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This is Layer 8 by Armin Vit

Matthew Baldwin's Layer 8 Commentary


As George Carlin once observed, "If you nail two things together that have never been nailed together before . . . some shmuck will buy it from you." He was just articulating what corporations have long known. Do you like bread? Do you enjoy talking on the phone? Then you're going to love: the celloaf!

(But you know what would be sincerely cool? A hip flash with a cellphone built into it. Man, that would be awesome. The distance it you would have to move to get bourbon into your belly while talking to your mother would be minuscule. Brilliant! Somebody mock up a prototype of this before he hit round 10.)

The style of this match is careening all over the place, as we lunge from photos to logos and then back to the camera. I love seeing real world objects incorporated into these designs, and Armin clearly had a piece of bread on hand, just waiting for his opportunity to punch some holes into it and show it to the world. That's foresight. Or a guy who habitually carries a piece of bread in his vest pocket, one of the two.

Matt's final volley quickly approaches. Will he take Armin's bread and run with it, or will he play against the grain?

Play by play commentary for this match is provided, as it happens, by Matthew Baldwin.

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Today's Doubleheader

There are two matches going on simultaneously today. Make sure to check in on the other one too which features Nick Campbell playing Aaron Scamihorn.

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