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This is Layer 8 by Mark Weaver      Tools:

Bryan Bedell's Layer 8 Commentary

Arigato, Domo

I happen to know a thing or two about cephalopods.

One doesn't occasionally hang around with (former #lyt competitor) Phineas X. Jones and not learn about octopi. So I know Octopi (octopuses or octopodes also allowable) don't have straight rows of sharp pointy Domo-like teeth like Mark drew. I'll quote wholesale from :

And although the octopus does not have any teeth in the standard sense, it has several other just as effective methods of cracking into crustaceans and mollusks. The octopus has a veritable Swiss Army knife of tools located inside its mouth to pry open the shells it can't open with its tentacles. Directly inside its mouth, it has a hard retractable beak similar to a parrot's. This beak is useful for breaking open clam shells and tearing apart flesh. Next to the beak is the radula, a barbed tongue the octopus uses to scrape an animal out of its shell once the shell is opened. And if these tools don't do the trick, it also has a tooth-covered organ called the salivary papilla that it can use to drill into shells. The papilla's bodily secretion also erodes the shell and then weakens the prey so it can be consumed.

A BEAK. I've seen it in person, it's creepy as all get-out. This volley looks great, and is setting Mark on his road to a late comeback, but yes, I'm playing the science card. A beak might not matter to you, the voters, but I don't ever want to meet an octopus in a dark underwater tunnel and have to explain why I let Mark's error slip.

He does get big points, however, for sneaking what appear to be Oleg Paschenko's shoes into the match.

I can't think of anything biting anything without thinking of a line from Okkervil River's "Black." Though it's ostensibly a breakup song (possibly Tim-Hardin-related?), it gets nasty in the second verse.

Play by play commentary for this match is provided, as it happens, by Bryan Bedell.

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Playoff Doubleheader

There are two Quarterfinal matches happening today. Make sure to check in on the other one too, which features Armin Vit playing Mig Reyes.

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