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Rosecrans Baldwin's Match Preview

A New Can of Who Hash

Layer Tennis friends, good girls and boys, crawl up on my lap and let me tell you a story. I promise it will warm your cockles. Shoot, we’re going to grow your heart three sizes today.

First, welcome to Round Two of the Layer Tennis Quarterfinals, where Adobe products and design wizards are pushed to their limits. As usual, there will be beautiful designs created. Pixel adjustments to argue about. Competition aplenty to enrich your dull Friday hours.

And in the match I'll be refereeing, we're adding a special twist. Greg Hubacek will face off against Frank Chimero—obviously, from the names involved, this is no average match. But it's not even an ordinary, high-stakes quarterfinal match. This one's going to be extra-special, because we're doing it for the kids.

Kids like you.

Here's the idea: Greg and Frank are each playing for a Kickstarter Project of their choosing. They're donating funds to support the projects, and they're encouraging you to donate, too. Creative types supporting other creative types. Get it? Over the course of the match, Greg and Frank will battle back-and-forth like normal, but they'll also include materials from their respective Kickstarter projects.

Here's how they explain their allegiances:

Frank Chimero

Playing for: "Linotype: The Film"

Why he chose it: "I'm a type nerd. And I spent the better part of college tooling around on a letterpress with the director, Doug."

Team battle cry: "Picas Over Pixels"

Greg Hubacek

Playing for: "Braddock Carnegie Library Youth Publications Project"

Why he chose it: "It's a campaign to help the Carnegie Library fund an opportunity for the youth of Braddock, Penn., to create publications and print materials documenting the struggle of a typical post-industrial American community... In general, I think it speaks to a larger issue of American industry, pride, and honor in work. I hope that by supporting these young artists we can help re-ignite that flame."

Team battle cry: "Remember and be grateful for the shoulders we stand on."

So there you go, Layer Tennis fans. Pick your team and tweet about it. Will it be The Aging Type Nerds Who Commend Lino, or The Font Debutantes of Braddock, PA, who reign supreme?

Until Friday, I wish your cockles warm and well. Match commences at 11am in the great American city and my hometown, Chicago. Check the time in your area and stay tuned.

Rosecrans Baldwin is the author of You Lost Me There (August 2010), a New York Times Book Review Editors' Choice. He is a co-founder of The Morning News.

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