October 31, 2014

Season Four - Playoff Tournament

Our Playoff Tournament starts next Friday. Here’s how to help us select the field. Just tweet (using the hashtag #lyt4) in the next couple days and tell us who you would like to see play again. We’ll use your input and, depending on player’s availability, we’ll put together the brackets. We always invite the defending champion to participate, so that means Mig Reyes is in. You can nominate other players to fill out the field from this season’s Exhibition Matches, Qualifying Matches, and regular season Main Events. Check all the Season 4 action here

For reference, our regular season winners to date are: Dan Cassaro, Ryan Putnam, James White & Brian Taylor (tie), Tobias Hall, Doublenaut, Glenn Jones, and DKNG. And don’t forget the Halloween match between Shawna X and Matt Stevens.

The Quarterfinals will take place on the 7th and 14th. The Semi-Finals will be on November 21st, then we’ll take a week off for Thanksgiving and the Season 4 Championship will be on Friday, December 5th.

August 07, 2014

So You Want to Play?

Well Then, You’ll Have to Show Us What You Got

A Layer Tennis “Qualifying Match” is played live most Fridays during the season. These matches generally begin a couple hours before the main match. Anyone who’s interested in playing can show us their chops by posting a sample match (play with a pal!) or relevant design/illustration/photography work to their Online Portfolio at Behance.

If you don’t have a Behance portfolio, it’s free and easy to set one up. Make sure you tag your samples with “LayerTennisQualifier” so we can check them out easily. Then, we’ll choose worthy competitors and give them a chance to strut their stuff in public. A few Qualifiers are invited to play in the end-of-the-season playoff tournament (In the past, they’ve done quite well, with one reaching the Season 2 Championship Match), and may be invited to play in a main match next season.

Note: Season 4 has ended but you’re welcome to keep in touch regarding qualifying matches. We’ll keep a list of interested players, and be in touch once Season 5 is underway.

August 06, 2014

Join the Crowd!

If two great designers share a file in the forest and no one’s there to watch, is it Layer Tennis? Absolutely not. Layer Tennis is not nearly as fun without comments from the peanut gallery. Love a volley? Tapping your fingers in disgust waiting for a return? Spotted a egregious foul? Think you have some insight the official commentator missed? Tell the world on Twitter with the #LYT4 hashtag! We’ll be monitoring the tag, and selecting our favorite tweets from the cheap seats and sharing them in the “Crowd” tab, which can be found next to the “Commentator” tab in the live match window.

By the way, perhaps you noticed: you can tab back and forth between volleys–or up and down between volleys and commentary–using your keyboard’s arrow keys. It’s fun, try it out! it’s our mission to save you effort on Fridays. You’re welcome.

August 06, 2014

The First Layers

This whole crazy thing started a long time ago when a couple of us at Coudal Partners traded a Photoshop document back and forth over Ethernet taking turns adding layers. Just for kicks, we did it live one Friday on our site and people seemed to like it. The next week we invited a couple pals (one in San Francisco and one Croatia) to play and right before we started, Rosecrans Baldwin of The Morning News volunteered to crack wise while providing live play-by-play commentary. The next thing you know we were regularly hosting “Photoshop Tennis” matches on Fridays and thousands of people were showing up to watch each week.

Later, Adobe came in to help us expand the idea, we changed the name to “Layer Tennis” since people were using lots of different applications to play, and we hosted three full seasons of matches. We’re happy to clean off the courts, hike up our tube socks and host Season 4 this fall.