August 06, 2014

The First Layers

This whole crazy thing started a long time ago when a couple of us at Coudal Partners traded a Photoshop document back and forth over Ethernet taking turns adding layers. Just for kicks, we did it live one Friday on our site and people seemed to like it. The next week we invited a couple pals (one in San Francisco and one Croatia) to play and right before we started, Rosecrans Baldwin of The Morning News volunteered to crack wise while providing live play-by-play commentary. The next thing you know we were regularly hosting “Photoshop Tennis” matches on Fridays and thousands of people were showing up to watch each week.

Later, Adobe came in to help us expand the idea, we changed the name to “Layer Tennis” since people were using lots of different applications to play, and we hosted three full seasons of matches. We’re happy to clean off the courts, hike up our tube socks and host Season 4 this fall. 

August 02, 2014

Like That One Video at the End of the NCAA Basketball Tournament, But with Better Music

At the end each of the two previous seasons we put together a highlight reel. Check them out below to get in the mood for Season 4.