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Cold War Kids

For some reason, we’ve seen a lot of overeducated world travellers and ex-pats in this seasons’ qualifiers, here are two more designers sin fronteras.

Alex Kislitsyn was born in Tokyo to Russian parents. Back in Moscow at the age of 6, a Commodore 64 sparked the computer bug, and Alex became infatuated with computer graphics and music. After a move to Seoul three years later, Alex grew up and eventually started learning Photoshop, dissecting websites, and playing techno music at school dances. After studying English, he finished high school at Cranbrook Kingswood, next to the Cranbrook Art Academy in Michigan, featuring a self-directed class with Laurie Makela, followed with a bachelors degree in Interactive Design from the Illinois Institute of Art in Chicago, where he found a vibrant techno music/party scene and got more involved in music. After difficulty finding work in Chicago and Korea, Alex went to Melbourne for a graduate degree in visual communication. Alex found work, but visa and health problems drove him back to Mother Russia before he finished his third degree, in Art Direction. He’s now freelancing in Moscow, looking for an interactive design job.

We thought we’d never see a worse example of a child named by hippies than Arlo Bryan Guthrie from a qualifier a couple weeks ago. But Beanbag Amerika takes the cake. “Bean,” as he prefers to be called, was born in India to American hippie parents. Most kids want to grow up to be a fireman or a superhero, but Bean always dreamt of being a mathemetician or a poet. After the dot-com bust, Bean attended six colleges (one of them fictional) and ended up with an architecture degree. He’s been working as a freelance exhibit designer, but is heading to college number seven for a graduate degree in Library Science. How do we end up with these people? Oh, right, Bean won our remix contest pretty much every week this season, though we only actually gave him the award once.