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Vellum vs Vinyl

Our Week 9 Qualifier features two great print designers, one specializing in books, the other in records. A quick check of the Layer Tennis viewer demographics indicates that those are two of your favorite things. They’ve chosen a theme of “Identity” today, and they’re both working through some nasty colds so we’ll see what cough medicine can bring to Layer Tennis.

Rich Arnold plies his trade at St Martin’s Press in Manhattan while freelancing and sleeping in Brooklyn. He took that gig on the heels of a Marvel Comics internship, which “allowed me to tell everyone I met under the age of eleven that Spider-Man worked for me.” He’s from New Jersey (Yes, he likes The Boss, I had to ask). He tells us, “I like CMYK more than I like RGB, but I’m pretty cool with both of them. When I’m not looking adjusting a point on the bowl of a “g” at 6400% I’m reading about depression era boxers, wishing I was as cool as Lando Calrissian and wondering why DC brought Barry Allen back.”

Robbie Kanner is a designer, photographer, and new media artist outta the betterPortland (Maine, duh.) In his work as a designer and artist, he investigates commodities within commercial aesthetics. Fueled by ginger ale, Robbie works primarily as a free-lancer, mostly with musicians. He’s got a BA in New Media from the University of Maine, Farmington (Beaver Fever!). He’s worked with organizations like Minnesota for Change and with labels such as Equal Vision, Merge, Atlantic, Labor Day Records, and Barsuk. By day, he’s a designer at a theater, Portland Stage.