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Good Spore-ts

This week our qualifier match features Micah Bauer serving from Utah to our second Barcelonan in a row, Ruben Cordoba Schwaneberg. They’ve decided to start with a “Spore” and follow it through its development. We’ve let the tenistas write their own bios, next week we’ll make them write each other’s bios, just to shake things up.

Micah Bauer: “I like to make stuff, all kinds of stuff. I always have. From writing and illustrating books as a kid, to putting together a BMX ‘zine in high school, to making board games with my kids today, I really enjoy the process of creation so I’m constantly starting (and sometimes finishing) random projects. I usually call what I make “design”, but I guess some of it is more craft, some of it could be called art and quite a bit of it is just nonsense.”

I was born and raised in California, spent a few years in the mid-west and went to college in Utah where I received a BFA in graphic design from BYU. While going to school I met my, now, wife Bess who is from New Brunswick, Canada. We currently live in Springville, Utah with our four hilarious children who provide me with a great deal of daily inspiration.”

Ruben: “My name is Ruben Cordoba Schwaneberg, I was born in Barcelona in 1981. I’m graphic designer and I work as art, creativity and design director in the studio of creativity & production KOTOC, in which I have directed various campaigns for all the main Spanish television channels like tve, cuatroº, T5, TV3, la Sexta, UBISOFT…”

I make some of my work under the pseudonym ‘disonyando.’ Disonyando is a permanent and constant state in which mind, heart and hands are perfectly synchronized with the purpose of split away infinite of shapes, textures and images from the deepest of subconscious. In my work you won’t find an specific or concrete style. There’s no defined language or message in it… just rythms and harmonies. This is because I think language is a stairway to the intellect, but it is also a wall between us and our own deepest thoughts.”