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Welcome to the first Season 3 Layer Tennis qualifier.

This week features Andrew Baumgartner serving to Troy DeShano. In their pre-match interview, they tell me they’ve decided to throw an Oktoberfest party. It’s 5:00 somewhere, right? (For that matter, it’s 6 pm in Germany, so it’s all good.)

Andrew is a graphic design student at The Art Institutes Intl. in Minneapolis. He digs ampersands, ellipses, Akzidenz Grotesk, clean typography, good ideas, questionable ideas, simple shapes, & working in black and white. He works off-the-screen too, we’ll see if the 15-minute volleys give him a chance to express his painting or drawing chops.

Troy’s a Michigan native who tried to escape, but no one ever escapes from Michigan. His background is in theology, but he ended up doing video and then print design and eventually digging into illustrating and combining all of it into motion projects. His John Hughes tribute posters got him a lot of attention on the web recently, and he’s looking to develop that style further.

Cheer them on to their rivals, ‘cause America can’t say no (to German beer, in this case). Thanks for playing, guys, and thanks for inviting us to the party.

Be sure to check out this week’s main event, Radim Malinic v. Dustin Hostetler live at 1pm Central Time!

Layer Tennis qualifiers are played each Friday at 11:00, before our main match. Anyone who’s interested in playing can drop us a line with samples of their work. We choose worthy competitors and give them a chance to strut their stuff in public. Qualifiers have a chance to enter the end-of-the-season tournament (Last year, they did quite well, with one reaching the final match), and may be invited to play in a main match next season.

Remember, there’s no voting or winner in Q-matches, we’ll have a vote at the end of the season to choose who advances.