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Award Tour

Today, we meet two more Adobe Design Achievement Awards winners, an illustrator from the U.S. and a communications designer from France.

An ADAA finalist in the illustration category, Eric Collins is a recent graduate of the School of Visual Arts Masters program. Eric has taught illustration for 5 years at Virginia Commonwealth University, and currently teaches at the New York Institute of Technology. His work has been displayed in galleries across North America. Aside from his client illustration work, he designs websites, skateboards and seeks out good vegetarian food. Eric hopes to get more involved in skateboard design, book covers, poster art, and more gallery shows.

Paul Bellila is a Paris-based freelance designer who specializes in communication via graphics, web design, architecture, and product design. Paul has developed a global method of management he applies to any project he’s working on, and usually works as part of a team, saying: “What I am interested in as far as design is the meetings we make and people we seek.” A great example of Paul’s work is Adobe’s flashy and uniqueADAA winners database.