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Colorful Shoes

One thing that won’t be missing from this match is some radioactive color. Both competitors like it saturated, and bothAna and Jason have rocked some vibrant footwear.

Ana Benaroya is checking in from New Jersey, where she works nonstop, splitting her time between Nickelodeon magazine and freelance illustration and screenprinting. Ana likes monsters, superheroes, hot sauce, and turkey. We’re figuring she’ll provide the organic/illustrated ying to Jason’s more structured/graphic yang. Or is that the other way around. Is that some kind of Eastern thing? Far from it.

Jason Schwartz is one third of the Chicago trio called Bright Bright Great. Like Ana, Jason likes it loud and saturated, but Jason’s got a bit of a 70s-urban-vibe going, and maybe a bit more devotion to Swiss modernism with maybe a little Op-Art thrown in. There’s no questioning why “Bright” appears twice in the name of his company, but “Great” belongs there, too.

We don’t doubt todays match will be colorful and playful, the question is, will structure or anarchy seize the day?