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Hot Dish!

This season is flying by! Today’s qualifier promises to be a exciting match with two experienced and versatile designers who are both comfortable in the loose, collage-y style that generally makes for good Layer Tennis.

Adam J. Carstens will serve, he’s in Columbus, Ohio via Melrose, Minnesota and the Minneapolis College of Art and Design. He has what sounds like a pretty great job designing graphics for women’s girls’ Abercrombie & Fitch clothing. He also paints and draws, does a little printmaking, and if he can find a way to apply his furniture-making skills to Layer Tennis, this match will certainly be one to remember. He’s got some great hand-drawn type to work with and hopefully we’ll see some of that, too.

Briana Bolger-Schuth played one layer of an Around the World match in 2009, and almost came in as a substitute in this season’s Around the World match, so she’s excited to finally play a full match and show her stuff. Long ago, she worked in advertising with The Ref here in Chicago, before setting off on a big-agency adventure that sent her to Kiev for a few years, then to Frankfurt, where she met a nice boy and settled down. She left the ad world for a couple years to focus on illustrated pet portraits and a pretty neat glitchy inkjet printmaking method, but recently got back in the game. Scotland is one of her clients. Yeah, the country.

There’s a lot of banter backstage today and some of it’s working its way into the match, so we’ll break from tradition and add a few quick notes as volleys are played:

1: ADAM: “I started [a different serve] and then abandoned when the hotdish conversation started”

2: BRIANA: “it’s hessish for ‘apfelwien.’ And those are the Grimm brothers, because I live in Hanau, the place the Grimms come from”

3. ADAMThis is super fun!. Gotta speed up my music selection, the Dead isnt doing it.

4. BRIANA: “The internet says your [Ohio] flag is a pennant.”

5. Oops, Briana named a file wrong, but disaster was averted and Adam fast-forwarded the match. Let’s play to 20!

6. Briana offers up a traditional Layer 6 mug of Schöfferhofer to wash down the apfelwien and tots.

7. Is this Adam’s comment on Briana moving the beer glass 12 pixels to the side and re-uploading just to use up the rest of her time? (These guys are faa-ast BTW.)

8. BRIANA:  Can I use the word f**k? REF: Mmm, rather you didn’t. BRIANA: No problem!

9. It’s 2pm in Columbus, Schöfferhofer time!

10. BRIANA: “That is a German monkey that is from a place in the south that I call Apfen Insel (even though it’s not an island).”

Play! Vote!

Only two weeks remain in Season 4, then we enter the Playoffs! Wanna play? We have qualifier spots open on 10/24 and 10/31 (Halloween match!). Contact us at or just tag some of your best work at Behance with “LayerTennisQualifier.” We’ll be in touch! Check in on October 31 to learn how to vote your favorite qualifiers into the Playoffs!