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Rain Check

Brian Brasher and Felipe Cunha were all set to play last week, but we lost power, so they’re back this week. If they were smart, they played the match behind our backs over the last seven days, and are just kicking back with some mojitos, waiting to post their volleys. Pardon me, what? Ah, I’m being told that’s not the case, and we can expect a thrilling live competition. Excellent.

24-year old illustrator Felipe “Damagehead” Cunha is based in Sao Paulo, Brazil. After serving some time at design and advertising agencies, including some fashion illustration, he left to do freelance illustration for major Brazillian brands, including paper goods for Jandaia, a popular Brazilian stationer. We’re looking forward to see how Felipe adapts his distinctive pen-and-ink and watercolor style to the fast pace of Layer Tennis.

Brian “Etherbrian” Brasher is a frighteningly versatile illustrator and designer, skilled in a variety of mediums and styles. His secret weapon is icons. He’s in Birmingham Alabama, which we never would have figured out if he hadn’t told us because he’s working remotely for game developers Alamofire in Texas.

Another qualifier between Dominic Flask and Sarah Lodwick ran concurrently with this one. The Week 3 main event features Digital Kitchen Chicago v. Werk Stockholm.