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Eleven O’Clock, the Ghost is Near

Did you play Ghost in the Graveyard as a kid? We played it just about every autumn night on our Cul-de-sac, usually around the Schoen’s house because you could run all the way ‘round it with no fences, and there were some good low trees to hide in. I was looking up the rules to teach my kids, and I was dismayed to learn that the elaborate chant we used in the Cincinnati suburbs is not at all canonical, and may be lost to time and memory. Most kids, say “1 o’clock, the ghost is near, 2 o’clock, the ghost is near…” and so on until “12 o’clock midnight!” when the ghost is free to hunt everyone down. Some kids don’t even say “the ghost is near,” but on our street we made a story of it, with the ghost waking up, getting dressed, changing a flat tire, and coming across several other obstacles that explained why it took him (or her, the ghost was usually Rebecca, she was fast) 12 hours to show up.

That all has nothing to do with today’s match, aside from the fact that it’s Halloween, ghosts and goblins will soon be roaming the streets in search of souls and/or Fun-Size Twix bars, and we have our final 11:00 qualifier of Season Four ready to start. I’ve had the pleasure of meeting Nick Evans in the backstage chat room, he’s a freelance pixel-pusher and vector wrangler from Lincoln, Nebraska, seems like a super-nice guy with some good ideas for the match.

But his opponent Matthew Jorgensen is another story, he’s kind of freaking me out with his threats and sinister ideas. His avatar seems innocent enough, but he speaks like a madman, certainly someone I wouldn’t want to meet in a dark alley. Luckily, this chat utility can show me his IP address… Oh, my god, he’s… HE’S CHATTING FROM INSIDE THE OFFICE.

On to the next round.

Stay tuned after the match to learn how you can help us choose Qualifiers to play in the tournament. (Matthew is disqualified because he works here, and he killed The Ref.)