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It’s Go! Time

Good morning, and welcome to our first qualifier Layer Tennis Season 4. If you’ve been following Layer Tennis from the old days, you’ll know much of the excitement happens here in the quaifiers. Sure, top-tier LT is great and all, but sometimes you want to forget about the drug scandals, big egos, multimillion-dollar contracts, luxury suites, and ticket brokers and just get back the roots of the game. On top of that, qualifiers are often your first chance to see future Layer Tennis stars in action, a lot of the greats of the game got their start here.

Today’s match features two young (I’m an aging Ref, everyone’s young to me) designers right here in Chicago, Layer Tennis home turf: Kyle Louis Fletcher will serve, he’s a freelance graphic designer and artist whose work generally involves digital abstraction of images and letterforms. He’s got his toes dipped in a variety of methods and media, and a streak of lighthearted humor, so we’re expecting big things today. Shea Cahill is a designer/illustrator also with some fine-arts tendencies. She’s from Florida but has lived in Chicago for five years. She’s fueled up on Ramen and should have no problem matching Kyle’s variety and flexibility. 

First serve is at 11am CST, thanks for joining us!

Strut Your Stuff

We’re always looking for the Next Layer Tennis Star. If you’ve got some mad skillz, tag some work on Behance with “LayerTennisQualifier” (better yet, play a practice match with a friend and tag the results!) All you need are some design/illustration chops and an available Friday, we’ll be in touch! We still have qualifier openings throughout the season, so get on board now! A few qualifiers will move ahead to the end-of-season tournament and maybe to the glory of the Layer Tennis Season Four Final!