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Real Genius?

This is Week 8 of Season 3, and the first of two Qualifying matches today. David Stewart’s back for more after a strong showing in Season 2 Qualifiers, he awaits a serve from a very promising first-timer from Barcelona.

David Stewart (Portland, OR) is the veteran of a tooth-and-nail match against Britton Walters from the end of last season. His Layer 9 from that match shows what he’s capable of. He wrote his own great bio last time, so he took another shot at it this year:

This being my second Layer Tennis, I feel a bit like Butch Coolidge (Bruce Willis’ character in Pulp Fiction). I’ve been around the block. I had my chance at the big show and now I’m back for more. But maybe I’m past my prime? Those punches hurt a little more nowadays and getting out of bed takes a little longer.
Is this my big chance for redemption or am I headed for nap on the floor of the ring, the victim of some young punk’s left hook? Maybe my estranged wife will regain faith in me or I’ll finally gain my Father’s respect? Or maybe I’ll just drive off in to the night in some old checker cab.
All I know is I’m not going down in the 5th.
I am an experience designer in Portland, Oregon. Like all good PDXers I love beer, coffee, design and Apple products (as is mandated by the Portland Fixie Brigade). I work at Webtrends as a UX Designer, dream up really dumb (but funny) iPhone apps and other products while keeping track of my two teenage girls, 2 1/2 year old son, and 3 month old baby girl.

Bernat Fortet Unanue is from Barcelona y virgen to Layer Tennis. (Bernat studied English at Cambridge, so there was no need for me to bother mangling Spanish.) His portfolio page shows great promise for the sport: a wide variety of styles, but a consistent aesthetic of muted colors and dense geometry in photography, motion graphics, and design. He’s a “Make something cool everyday” acolyte, that’s always a good sign of Layer Tennis skillz. If he can make several cool somethings in consecutive 15-minute bursts, he’ll be a powerful contender.

Overwrought sports references are the crutch of an underprepared Layer Tennis match preview writer, but I’m just sayin’, Barça has been on fire lately, David Stewart better keep it real. As in Ree-AL. Sorry, that was pretty weak, and doesn’t make the headline any better. It was either that or that cheesy one-hit-wonder band. (Sorry for that, too.) Good luck, guys!