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Stirring up the Pressure

Here we are at Week 6 already. We have seen some epic battles on Layer Tennis’ second stage, and today promises another.

In all honesty, we’ve been pretty vague about how qualifiers work, but it’s getting to the point where we should probably share that information with everyone. And we will, as soon as we figure it out ourselves. We do know we’ve already got some great matches under our belt, and we’ve got several more qualifiers lined up, and a batch of design students that will be shuffled into the mix soon. After that, there will probably be a second and/or third round of qualifying that will narrow the field down to a handful of players for our end-of-the-season tournament. We’re just not sure, but we can tell you we’re definitely closer to the BCS football model than the NCAA basketball model.

Let’s meet today’s hardy competitors:

Adam R Garcia is a designer/illustrator and runs a personal studio called The Pressure on the side from his senior designer position at branding agency 160 over 90 in Philadelphia. His mother used to work on an oil rig in Texas and his aunt owns a mountain lion. He’s a Minneapolitan at heart, and represents it to the fullest. He makes things for a living, enjoys creative collaboration and dislikes scones and rude people.

Adam would like to thank his employer/sponsor, 160 over 90, for allowing him to participate in Layer Tennis while actually on the clock.

It has been argued that Jason Stirman does not exist. If he did — hypothetically of course — he would have worked as a designer and user experience specialist for many, many moons. In his spare time, he would play air guitar in front of a full length mirror. He would play a 10 or 15 second lick that would start strong and then decay into nothing but his arms out-streched receiving praise and adoration from the imaginary stadium filled with his imaginary loyal followers.

Stirman does exist at and welcomes, appreciates and thoughtfully considers all opinions, suggestions, criticisms and athleticisms. It is a well known fact that he is a “hero of the hardwood,” and he points out he once scored over 20 points in a 7th grade YMCA league basketball game. He’s being modest, it was the mid-twenties.

Stirman is currently the Director of User Experience at and sends a big thanks their way.