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Mutton To Do

“Never trust a man with three first names” says one of today’ s would-be qualifiers, though his competitor would probably gladly accept that problem.

Arlo Bryan Guthrie has answered the name question enough that he has a prepared statement: “No, I’m not related to Arlo Guthrie. My parents were simply too young to name children.” That out of the way, Arlo is a Chicago web/print designer and art director. He just started The Guthrie Partners with the best designer he knows, his wife Lesley. Perhaps she’ll make an appearance today? Arlo got into design via theatre: “I’m a recovering amateur theater addict who learned fairly quickly that my favorite part of any production was designing the poster.”

Kris Todd (middle name: Lee) works for Group1201 in Atlanta, but he’s a recent transplant from rural Michigan, where he raised sheep for 10 years. So if any sheep-related challenges arise today, he’s totally got it covered. Kris is still reeling from Michgan State’s NCAA tournament loss, but at least they beat Kansas, right?