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In Vector Veritas

Today, two great designers will face off in a wine-themed Layer Tennis Qualifier. One is a subtle but brilliant packaging designer. The other is a colorful internet-age Renaissance man, graphic design being just one of the many compartments in his utility belt.

There are some not-so-glamorous careers in the graphics arts industry, but Pamela Harvey appears to have it made. She designs wine labels (and other packaging) from her studio on Narragansett Bay in Rhode Island. One would assume the wine label design process includes a certain amount of product sampling, and hopefully occasional visits to vineyards in sunny and idyllic corners of the globe. Maybe it’s not as glamorous as it sounds, but most of us would be willing to give it a try. Her packaging design features stunningly perfect type and an amazing range of style.

San Francisco’s David Bennett also features a good selection of wine labels in his portfolio, and plenty of other great design and photography, so this match was a natural. But David’s portfolio also includes children’s music and a video called “American Gorilla (My legislative recommendations for the structuring of a fiscally responsible auto industry bailout initiative.)” David also appears to be something of an expert in economic and environmental policy, and is pursuing an MBA. Is graphic design simply a hobby? Will David Bennett become the charismatic and entertaining renewable energy czar we’ve all dreamed of?