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We’ve got a special Week 7 treat for you today, qualifiers Andrew Hochradel (Riverside, CA, serving, odds) and Samia Ahmed (San Francisco, CA, evens) have been chatting amicably backstage, and have decided to present the entire alphabet across their ten volleys. After realizing 26 is not cleanly divisible by ten, they’ve worked out some sort of complicated algorithm that we’re not going to pretend to understand, but they assure us they have every letter covered between the two of them. Both are strong with type, and the contrast between Andrew’s stark, distorted greyscale typework and Samia’s more organic and colorful illustration should make for a balanced and rewarding match.

Adding to the challenge, they’re both in California, both up earlier than usual, and both pretty hopped up on caffeine. 

A Ghoulish Ending…

Today’s the second-to-last qualifying match, did this season fly by or what? Join us next week (October 31, 2014) for the last qualifier of the regular season, a special Halloween match, followed by instructions on how to vote your favorites into the Playoffs, starting November 7.