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Just Our Type

On the surface, today’s qualifiers Jeff Immer and Judson Collier have a good deal in common, both are designers with a laid-back organic and simple aesthetic, some illustration skills, and a deep interest in music. Both have done some great work for bands. Both live in the outer regions of what some would call “The Midwest,” though others would argue to the death that neither Kansas City (Jeff) nor Nashville (Judson) are “The Midwest” so let’s just say they both live in the same time zone. They’re both just the sort of folks that often to excel at Layer Tennis.

But even looking through their work, and as is generally with qualifiers, that’s what we have to go by, there’s a subtle difference. Jeff’s work is a bit hyper and spacey, yet still clean and thoughtful. Judson’s work seems a little more reserved and rooted, but still loaded with flourishes of lovely hand-drawn type and his request to join a qualifier belies the same overconfident self-loathing once seen in a young Layer Tennis Ref. I hate to say it, but maybe Judson’s a little more country, and Jeff’s a little more… no, not going there. Let’s say despite some similarities in their work, there are enough differences to keep things interesting. Again, that often makes for a good Layer Tennis match.

Mr. Immer won the flip, so his serve will be live at 11:00.

Whatever happens in our 1740x900-pixel window today, we’re glad you’re watching, enjoy the match and share your comments on Twitter using the #lyt4 hashtag. Tag the competitors with @biklops and @judsoncollier if you like. And be sure to stick around for our main match at 2pm central today, featuring James White and Brian Taylor with commentary by Kevin Guilfoile.

Welcome to the Vectordome

Two designers (illustrators, photographers, etc) enter, and, well, hopefully both leave safe and sound. We’ll admit it’s not easy, but it’s not dangerous. Layer Tennis Qualifiers are where tomorrow’s Layer Tennis Champions get to show their stuff for the first time. If you’d like to play (plenty of spots still available through November) tag some work on Behance with “LayerTennisQualifier” (better yet, play a practice match with a friend and tag the results!) or email us. We’ll be in touch. If you play a match and the fans like your work, you may move ahead to the end-of-season tournament and perhaps to the glory of the Layer Tennis Season Four Final!