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Good Timing

Man, everyone wants to play Layer Tennis, until this week.

This week, we had two qualifying matches pretty much ready to go, then it went pear-shaped. Somehow, we went from four competitors to zero by Tuesday afternoon. Luckily our pool of would-be qualifiers is deep, and a few well-timed emails saved the day.

Emailing us on a Wednesday afternoon after four qualifiers fall through is a good way to get into a match, quickly, especially if you’re a recognizable name from the Layer Tennis peanut gallery with a remix contest win under your belt. Simon Gutkovich has good timing and a design background, though he considers himself a “jack of all trades,” dabbling in a lot of different graphic creative-related fields and web development.

Duane King comes to us with a more traditional (but innovative) design background, with ten years of work for folks like MoMA, Bloomingdale’s, Neiman Marcus, Herman Miller, Activision, and Sega. Since 2005, he’s been working with Bob Borden as BBDK, and his work has appeared in Graphis, The 100 Show, I.D. Magazine, Communications Arts, Print and HOW Magazine.

Sure, on paper, King has an edge here, but Simon knows the game well, and drives an ‘88 Porsche. Never discount a dude who drives an ‘88 Porsche. We expect big things from both of them, and we thank them for freeing up their schedules at the last minute, for our entertainment and enlightenment.