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2 Minutes for Slashing

Kiriliv. Hubacek.

Is this Layer Tennis or the Sabres vs. the Maple Leafs?

Maybe it’s the dozen or so NHL Playoff games I’ve watched over the last couple weeks, but those names have “Calder Trophy” written all over them. But what we really have here are two experienced designers with a diverse portfolio of work for big-time clients. And both led their team in assists for the regular season.

After time in the Ukranian and Slovak minors, Miron Kiriliv (Uzhgorod, Ukraine: Center, 5’11” 216lb shoots right) turned down a starting position at Bratislava to enter the 1997 NHL draft. He was snapped up by the New York Rangers in the second round. Now a veteran with degrees in several artistic disciplines, Kiriliv has worked with many big clients and big agencies in NYC. Since 2004, he’s been involved with Soundwalk audio Tours, putting his love of travel, design, and language to work.

Greg Hubacek* (Cedar Rapids, IA: Left Wing, 6’2” 220lb shoots right) just returned to Minnesota after a succesful season in Philadephia. He was snapped up from free agency by Minneapolis agency Fame, who graciously gave him the day off to strut his stuff here. Greg’s been a designer since kindergarten, and has worked with everyone from indie music labels and poster designers, all the way up to giant ad agencies.