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South vs. Southwest?

Every week, writing these bios, I end up having to a little detective work to figure out where the players are.

Even with a bit of prodding through flickr accounts and such, I’ve been wrong a few times. Web bios, “contact” links, and even business cards seem to be leaving that once-important fact behind, and that’s kind of a great thing. I guess some people like to move around, and others like work to come to them. So, who cares where these people are, they’re on the internet.

After some digging, I determined freelance designer Able Parris is in North Carolina. Able’s a long-time Layer Tennis fan who’s been active in our comments and remix contests since the start of last season, so he could be called a “student of the game,” not unlike Fuzzy Gerdes in our first qualifier of the season. Like Fuzzy, Able is about to get a new perspective on the game. Really, everything you need to know about Able is in this video, which saves me some typing.

Able suggested Joseph Allen Kohlhas as his adversary, and we think they’ll make a great matchup. I’ve got no idea where Joseph’s from, (my best guess is San Diego) or how he knows Able (Update: Twitter!), or where he is right now (Update: Phoenix, which works better for the headline, actually), but he’s got some solid design work on display, and an arsenal of mezzotinted backgrounds, and a few free hours today, and that’s all that matters. Let the games begin.