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Halfway Around The World

The live qualifying match for week four of Season Four features Simon Gutkovich, who you may remember from a Season Two qualifier vs Duane King. Simon’s a designer with a wide range of skills from the NYC area and he’s always ready with a few good Twitter comments during our main matches, so we look forward to seeing how he applies his knowledge of the game to his own volleys. Simon’s opponent today is Sulekha Rajkumar, who, if memory serves, is our first contender from India. Sulekha is a marketing/advertising design director with very strong illustrative type work along the lines of Marian Bantjes and Jessica Hische, who, incidentally, both have played Layer Tennis, and both went over really well with the fans. Simon’s got his work cut out for him, but we hear he can draw a mean-looking tuned import coupe. 

Sulekha will serve at 11am Central, which will is just about bedtime in India, so hopefully she’s well-rested for the match. She’ll learn what Simon already knows, time flies when you’re trying to turn around a layer in fifteen minutes! After the match, stick with us for our all-UK feature match with Eve Warren and Tobias Hall at 2:00pm Central. 

Get Up, Get into It, Get Involved

Love watching these matches? How’d you like to play one? Contact us with your work and let us know what Fridays you’d be available. Or just tag some of your best work Behance with “LayerTennisQualifier.” We’ll be in touch! There are open qualifying spots remaining throughout the season, so get on board now! You might even move ahead to the end-of-season tournament and take your chances against a Legend of Layer Tennis!