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Escape to New York

Two designers from opposite sides of New York State will show down in our second match of the day. Will Andy bring the funny? Will Nick bring whatever they’ve got in Rochester?

Andy Ross, on the surface, is a comedian in Brooklyn. He has a daily comedy blog and has contributed to the Onion News Network and Comedy Central’s Indecision Forever. Andy’s day job, though, is graphic design. He’s painted murals for Trader Joe’s groceries, made letterpress wedding invites for millionaires, and now he typesets and designs book covers for E-Reads, and e-books publisher. His site features some quality illustration, but even we here at LYT headquarters are a bit stumped about what exactly he’s bringing to the table. Which is fine with us, sometimes it’s the ones we’re a little worried about that come out and kick our asses. We do know that he likes visual puns, so prepare to groan during the match.

Nick Tyler is a first-year graphic design student at Rochester Institute of Technology. He’s been practicing (without a degree!?) the sacred graphic arts for over 6 years now. He mostly digs print design, but everything in the industry appeals to him and he’s looking to immerse himself in as much of it as he can, and what’s more immersive than Layer Tennis?. Nick tells us ” I couldn’t be happier competing in Layer Tennis, as it’s a huge opportunity, and I hope for the best for today’s match.”

Game on, guys, have fun and make the Empire State proud!