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No Fluff or Shellfish

Two Designers’ designers, one deadly serious. The other? Pretty goofy. Let’s see where this goes.

Robb Smigielski is a designer who rejects the “Graphic” prefix. Like a lot of our other players, he’s been all over the country, but is currently settled in Kansas City. Robb specializes in brand design, both at VML, where he serves as Creative Director, and as half of agreyspace creative with his educator/artist/designer/wife Jamie. He’s a “Don Draper type” with “little patience for graphic fluff,” so hopefully we’ll see how, um, unfluffyLayer Tennis can get.

Panos Vassiliadis wrote his own bio, and I can’t top it, so here it is, verbatim: “Born in a gypsy compound (it was not a cult) just outside of Jacksonville, Florida, the youngest of 11, I was immediately recognized for my finger-painting skills. That led to eating crayons and glue, which then led to performance art, interpretive dance and finally, crime. It paid. I design for pretty much all mediums. I tend not to play favorites. One time I designed a sex-helmet for a rich old lady who lived as hermit in a mansion with many sunroofs. I had an accident while testing it, resulting in partial deafness in left ear and the removal of two toes. One on each foot. I was very proud of that project. Design challenges are like rainbows covered in candy sprinkles. I love them. That’s pretty much it. Oh, but I am allergic to shellfish, so please don’t try to offer me shrimp or oysters as payment for my design services. Cash money will do just fine.”

Week 4, Qualifier 1, Kohlhas v. Parris is live right now!
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