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The Sun Never Sets on the Layer Tennis Empire

Today’s Q1 wakes up a Kiwi a couple hours early, and prevents a Brit from going out for a Friday-night after-work drink. Not the best scheduling ever, but we’re betting on a fantastic match.

John Walsh of Knutsford, Cheshire, England (Knutsford!) is the first competitor invited to Layer Tennis on the strength of one PDF. We can’t find much dirt on him outside of his brilliant work for FLUX, but rumor has it he designed Factory Records’ very last printed piece. So Factory Records’ demise is surely his fault.

Timothy Kelleher is an interactive designer representing Sons&co in Christchurch, NZ. As the match starts, it’s 5am there, so hopefully his clock radio is turned up loud, and Split Enz or OMC or whatever they listen to there will wake him up in time.