Season Tickets: The LYT Newsletter

Hike up your tube socks and be a part of Layer Tennis Season 4, presented by Adobe Creative Cloud. After a pair of live “friendly” Exhibition Matches we’ll be hosting an 8-week regular season and a climactic, single-elimination Championship Tournament, on Friday afternoons starting on September 12th.

There are some exciting changes coming this year and subscribers will get all the information first. Plus, subscribers choose the playoff field, participate in remix contests, and a whole lot more. All you have to do to reserve your spot is add your email address here and you’re in.

  • @layertennis

    We’ll be live tweeting during the matches, as well as at other points throughout the season. Let's use #lyt4 for the conversation.

  • Coudal Partners is a small firm in Chicago that created and produces Layer Tennis, as well as Field Notes Brand products and The Deck online advertising network. 

  • Creative Cloud is the weapon of choice for Layer Tennis players and creative people everywhere. 

  • Chicago's One Design built the Season 4 site and admin. It's totally awesome. You should hire them. But, they're also LYT fans, so please don't schedule meetings for Friday afternoons.